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  • Initiated and chaired the IADIS conference “ICT Society and Human Beings” under the umbrella “International Association for Development of the Information Society (IADIS) (NGO). They were held in Amsterdam 2008, followed by Algarve, Freiburg, Rom and Lisbon.

  • Advisor for graduate students often with a crossdisciplinary orientation; computer science, educational psychology, sociology, and psychology

  • Advisor for doctoral students from Dept. of Informatics, Dept of Computer and System Sciences, Dept of Business Administration and Dept of Educational Psychology, for Universities abroad external advisor and external examiner.

  • Author of 15 books, most of which have been or are being used for educational purposes .

  • In 1996-1997 I organized a crossdisciplinary "IT-pedagogical" seminar series entitled "Toward a Global Learning Space" within the Sweden-Silicon Valley Link program and with invited lecturers with deep and broad knowledge in the field. The purpose was to create a meeting place for researchers and doctoral students from mainly three academic areas; organizational and social psychology, pedagogics and IT-related disciplines within KTH. The seminars discussed and identified important research areas in the interface between IT research and the behavioral sciences.

  • In 1998- 1999, I organized a seminar series in Informatics with invited international researchers open to all teachers and doctoral students.

  • In 1998 -1999, I organized a doctoral course "ICT and Worklife2000" for informatic students in the north of Sweden: Luleå Technical University, Umeå University, Mid-Sweden university. This course was a strong start for NIRS ( Nordic Informatics Research School).

  • In 2000 – 2009 advisor for doctoral students and mentor for senior researchers in Sweden and internationally

  • In 2004 and 2005 lectures at the international master student course at KTH "ICT and Global Management"

  • In 2007 Doctorial Courses in Social and Community Informatics at Helsinki Technical University, Finland and in 2008 at Salzburg University, ICT & Society Center

  • Invited key note speaker – see under "Key Note Speaker, Committees, Boards and other functions" in the CV