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Gunilla Bradley (GB) is Professor Emerita in Informatics at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) – in Stockholm. GB is originally a psychologist and has a broad background in the social and behavioural sciences. Her research concerns the interplay between Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Human Beings, and Society – Social Informatics. Beginning in 1973, she initiated research programs on computerization and working life. Her crossdisciplinary research groups were hosted by Stockholm University, Department of Sociology, for twenty years. She has then been a visiting professor at Stanford University two years and professor of Technology and Social Change at the Royal Institute of Technology. 1997 – 2001. In 2004 GB organized the world conference in Stockholm on “Organizational Design and Management” (ODAM) with the subtitle “New Technology – Challenges for Human Organization and Human Resource Development in a Changing World".

GB served as professor in Informatics at Umeå University and Mid Sweden University. In 1997 GB received the prestigious Namur Award from IFIP for her pioneering research to increase the social awareness of the impact of ICT. GB has authored thirteen books and contributed extensively in international scientific journals and the popular science press. Her latest book Social and Community Informatics – Humans on the Net (Routledge 2006) is widely used in both ICT related disciplines and in the social sciences. In 2008 GB was invited as guest professor at Paris Lodron University in Salzburg. She composed and chaired the IADIS conference on “ICT, Society and Humans” that initially took place in Amsterdam 2008, followed by Algarve, Freiburg, Rom and Lisbon (International Association for Developing the Information Society, NGO). In 2010 she was honored by a “Fest Symposium” at the Linnaeus University in Sweden and a “Festschrift entitled “Information and Communication Technologies, Society and Human Beings –Theory and Framework” (IGI Publishers 2011). More than 40 distinguished researchers from all continents of the world contributed with chapters.

Selected books are:

  • IN THE ERA OF CONVERGENCE - One Woman’s Exploration of Humans and Digitalization from its Beginnings. Stockholm: Inventio 2022. 267 pp included 40 pp with coloured illustrations. ISBN Printed book 978-91-527-1808-7. ISBN E-book 978-91-527-1809-4

  • "THE GOOD ICT SOCIETY - From Theory to Actions” 2017 (Routledge)

  • "Information and Communication Technologies, Society and Human Beings – Theory and Framework. Honoring Professor Gunilla Bradley". (Editors: Darek Haftor & Anita Mirijamdotter). IGI Global 2011. ISBN 978-1-60960-0.

  • "Social and Community Informatics - Humans on the Net" 2006 (Routledge)

  • "Humans on the Net - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Work Organization and Human Beings" 2001, Stockholm, SE: (Prevent)

  • "Human Factors in Organisational Design and Management" - subtitled "New Technology - Challenges for Human Organisation and Human Resource Development in a Changing World" 1994 (Bradley and Hendrick (Eds.), (North Holland - Elsevier)

  • "Computers and the Psychosocial Work Environment" 1989 (Taylor and Francis)

  • "Computer Technology, Work Life, and Communication ". The Swedish Delegation for Long Term Research. Stockholm 1977 (Liber). (in Swedish) For details see Bibliography.

Educational background:

  • Competency for full professorship in Technology and Social Change, Linköping University, 1984

  • Competency as associate professor, Gothenburg University, 1973

  • Ph. D. in Educational Psychology, Gothenburg University, 1972

  • Authorized Psychologist, 1972

  • Medical studies Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

  • Bachelor´s degree in Psychology, Sociology, Ethnography, and Pedagogics (1961)